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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  March 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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3 we're tracking a breaking news alert in belgium right now. that's where two loud explosions rocked the main airport terminal in brussels. this comes one day after authorities said a new suspect in the november paris terror attacks -- possibly the bomb maker -- was likely loose in the city.his name is salah abdeslam.a belgian news agency is reporting ten people are dead and several are injured.
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american airlines desk.all metro stations in brussels are closed after the blasts.. and flights are diverting from the city.are diverting from the city.we'll continue to update you on local 12 and local 12 dot com. 3 police still don't know why a man was murdered a year ago.. and it's left his family with a big void. derek jones was shot to death in north college hill.... police have surveillance video of the man they believe is responsible.. but no one's been arrested. he and a friend had gone to good brotha's bar on savannah avenue to hang out. surveillance video shows someone passing derek on the street.. then turning around and following derek as he went back to his car. police don't believe robbery was the motive. 3 36:12 derek was a fun loving guy. he liked to go out, liked to have fun, took care of his kids 36:17 he was trying to get his life on track and he was doing what he had to do. it just doesn't make no sense for this to go
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there's a two-thousand dollar reward for information leading to the person who killed derek jones. if you have any information that can help police, call crimestoppers.. at352- 30- 40. 3 those who knew and loved a young college student are trying to deal with her sudden death.she passed away in a tragic fall on saturday.mary katharine stewart ... or "katie" to those who knew her ... slipped and fell while hiking at the raven run nature sanctuary near lexington.katie graduated from notre dame academy four years ago.back then, dr. laura koehl was the school's principal.thinking of katie now, brings a smile to her face. 3 she was outspoken. if she thought something she was not afraid to bring it to you. she was not afraid to talk to adults and challenge things and question them and i think she was respected for that. katie was 22.. and she was expected to graduate soon from transylvania university. services for "katie" stewart will be held tomorrow at saint agnes church in fort wright. visitation will begin at 3:30,
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held at seven o'clock. 3 childhood poverty is an epidemic that affects people around the world...and, it is a big problem right here in the tri-state. it's a tough topic to tackle in an hour, but local 12 tried at a town hall meeting last night. local 12's perry schaible joins us *live* in the newsroom with more on what happened. 3 six panelists fielded questions on the stage at the freedom center. they covered a number of topics...including the importance of public transit to preventing poverty, the value of education, mentoring and access to food. this is video from that discussion. another issue talked about last night - the amount of money spent on childhood poverty initiatives. staffers from the house ways and means committee puts that total at one trillion dollars per year....but, it doesn't seem to be solving the problem. 3 yvette simpson: "you don't choose who your parents are. children are born into poverty
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living in poverty. but what situation can we create in this community that no matter where you're born you hsve the same opportunitty to get whereever you need to go." that's certainly a tough question to answer...but, one woman is trying. later this morning, on star 64, i'll introduce you to debbie bowman. she's the president of boys hope girls hope cincinnati. it's an organization that takes educational guardianship of at-risk kids. and, it's making a difference in their lives. you can see that at eight this morning. john...back to you. if you missed the town hall you can still watch it on local 12 dot com. 3 the federal government will pay for improvements at a water treatment plant in sebring, ohio.the u.s. department of agriculture will help with plans to stop corrosive water from leaching lead into tap water.sebring will get 400-thousand dollars to pay for technology that will alert plant operators to add chemicals when the water is too acidic.sebring came under scrutiny in january..
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were warned not to drink tap water after high lead levels were found in some homes. 3 police are investigating the mysterious deaths of five bald eagles.they were all found around the same area in the southern part of delaware. police simply do not know why. community members hope that something sinister is not at's a federal crime to pursue.. kill.. or capture a bald eagle.a captain from the division of fish and wildlife says the cause of death has yet to be determined. 3 (captain doug messeck, (:59) "at this point we don't know. still investigating, pending the lab results. and that will give us a more definitive answer on what happened. it's not natural for that many birds in one area to have died." (1:08)(:22)(elli hathch, neighbor) "i don't like the thought of that because i feel very protective and that they belong to me as an american. (:31)the captain also says the situation does strike a resemblance to the death of 13 eagles -- that were also found in delaware -- last month. 3 congratulations are in order.. because a new bengals fan is
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receiver aj green and his wife announced that they're expecting a baby.miranda green posted a photo of a bun in the oven on her instagram.the news comes on their one- year wedding anniversary. 3 another bengal who will be a father in the coming months.. quarterback aj mccarron.. will remain in cincinnati.that's according to head coach marvin lewis. lewis made the announcement at yesterday's league meetings.he said that if any team came to the bengals with an offer for their backup qb, he would respectfully decline.. 3 spring has sprung -- and that means farmer's markets.we'll tell you which neighborhood is getting a new one.updating a local skyline.we'll tell you about some big changes that are coming to covington.up next on good morning cincinnati.
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3 an empty building in a prime location is a step closer to redevelopment.covington commissioners are expected to pick a developer for a main street building the city has owned for's in mainstrasse village.. and it's been home to banks and offices. the city bought it after people fought a plan to put a health center there. commissioners have not said what developers want to do with the property.. but they'll vote tonight. 3 spring is here -- and that means it's time for farmer's markets.and for the first time, one is coming to fairfield.the city's farmers market will open for the season april'll operate on wednesdays from four to seven at village green park.besides fresh produce, locally raised meat, baked goods and handmade crafts there will also be live music. organizers are still looking
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should contact the city of fairfield if you're interested. 3 unlocking a terrorist's i- phone.we'll tell you why the case of apple vs. the f-b-i is on, introducing american football to football fanatics.we'll tell you why so many n- f- l players are
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3 3 we're tracking a breaking news alert in belgium right news is now saying that at least one suicide bomber is responsible for explosions that rocked the main airport terminal in least 13 people are dead and 35 are injured..the 2 blasts were near the american airlines check in desk near the departure gate.there are also reports of explosions at
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is shut down.. along with buses and trams in brussels.. and all flights into brussels are being diverted right now...yesterday authorities said a new suspect in the november paris terror attacks -- possibly the bomb maker -- was likely loose in the city. and paris attacker salah abdeslam was arrested last friday in brussels.we'll keep you updated here on local 12 and local 12 dot com. 3 today was supposed to be the day that we would learn, as a nation, if privacy trumps national security. apple.. and the fbi were set to go head to head in the courtoom. but that's been put on hold..because the government may not need apple's help. they say an "outside party" has a way to break into the i- phone used by one of the attackers in last year's san bernadino shootings.. they still have to test it to see if it will work.. but they claim it's promising. either way.. apple ceo tim cook doubled down on his stance.. 3 "we need to decide as a nation how much power the government
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over our privacy." last month, a federal judge issued a court order requesting that apple create special software that would unlock the phone. the hearing that was supposed to be today has been rescheduled for next month. as for the "outside party" who can allegedly crack into the phone.. the government won't say who it is. 3 the mood wasn't all celebratory during president obama's first full day in cuba. things became tense during a joint news conference with cuban president raul castro yesterday.castro rarely takes questions from reporters in a country where the media is tightly controlled.he bristled when an american journalist asked why cuba detains political prisoners.on sunday, more than two dozen political protesters were arrested. president obama plans to meet with dissidents today. 3 a group of american football players traveled to egypt -- to hold a training camp in cairo.more than 400 people signed up to learn from some of the best in the field, on the's american
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f-w-b for short.10 nfl players held a three- day camp in isn't completely unknown there.egypt already has two leagues and a dozen teams.400 people signed up within hours to learn from the best.including egypt's two all- female's unlikely the gridiron will take over anytime is still king in egypt. 3 3 3
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we'll tell you what factors are making some bottles taste, apple launches new products.we'll tell you
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3 a new study finds that climate change may actually be improving the quality of some wines.the study conducted by harvard university and nasa
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western europe over 400 years. it found that the higher temperatures in france and switzerland are causing earlier wine grape harvests. early harvests are typically associated with higher quality wines.but researchers warn that may not hold true as climate change intensifies. 3 when you think of key apple products like the iphone or ipad -- words like thinner -- faster -- bigger come to mind. but apple just introduced it's latest iphoneand the word of the day for this core product is -- smaller.the i- phone se will have a four- inch screen. that's to make it easier to put in your pocket.but this phone will be twice as also has a 12 mega pixel camera and will be able to shoot 4-k video.the new ipad pro will also be smaller -- 9-point seven will start taking pre orders on thursday. 3 we're 3
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news in belgium this morning. coming up on five thirty.. local 12's adam clements will bring you an update on deadly explosions at brussels airport and metro stations. 3 plus, a local mother is due in court.coming up at five thirty.. we'll have the latest details in a disturbing case.
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3 3 now at five thirty.we're tracking a breaking news alert out of least 13 people are dead after multiple explosions in brussels. 3 searching for a sunken car. we'll bring you an update on the search for a car that crashed into the ohio river. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm.
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we're tracking a breaking news alert in belgium right now. that's where multiple explosions hit the brussels airport and some metro least 35 people are dead.. and dozens are hurt.and local 12's adam clements joins us live in the newsroom with the latest. 3 sheila.. details keep coming into our newsroom by the minute.. here's what we know.. the first explosion happened around three thirty this morning at that airport in brussels.. and then another one.. just about an hour ago at a metro station not foar from where that first blast occurred..belgian media outlets reported gunshots were heard.. along with shouting in arabig just before the explosions..right now.. the nation's terror alert has been raised to its maximum level.. this comes just one day after authorities said a new suspect in the deadly paris terror attack last november.. possibly the person who made the bomb.. was likely loose in brussels..he's been identified as najim might remember on friday.. authorities arrested salah abdeslam.. he's beleived to also be involved in the paris attacks..right now.. all
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down in the city.. all metro and subway stations.. buses.. air travel.. everything.. shut down..and the u-s embassy in brussels has told all americans there to stay where they are and take shelter.. and belgian authorities are also telling people there to do the same..reporting live in the newsroom.. adam clements.. local 12 news.. 3 adam is going to keep tracking the situation in brussels from our newsroom.. he'll have another live update at six thirty.. 3 a woman will appear in court today.. to be sentenced for putting something in her sick son's feeding tube.jessica valik's four year old son was staying at cincinnati children's hospital and medical center when this happened.valik was accused of putting benadryl in her son's feeding tube on october first. her son was in the hospital receiving treatment for epidermolysis bullosa.. which is otherwise known as butterfly skin.. a condition that causes the skin to become easily irritated and blister. valik is scheduled to be sentenced later today. 3 a 4- year- old boy will
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there's a visitation for austin cooper at the herr- riggs funeral home in middletown. that starts at noon. his funeral will follow. his stepmother anna ritchie is in jail for his death. the coroner says the little boy died after his ritchie punished him by putting his legs in scalding hot water. 3 a man involved in a police pursuit yesterday in the glendale area faces a judge this morning. 24- year- old william dickens of kansas city is accused of leading police on a chase that started in sharonville. it ended with a crash on sharon road when the car went airborne on railroad tracks. police say they saw dickens stealing mail from mailboxes. 3 also in court today, a man who rear-ended a car on i-275, killing a man. 35 year-old cory lippmeier of amelia is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. investigators say he was impaired and speeding during the accident near the kellogg avenue exit sunday night. scott petredis died at the scene. lippmeier has been arrested twice in the past for drunken driving.
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currents are still too strong to pull a car out of the ohio river that went off the combs- hehl bridge. that happened a week ago during a 12-car accident.divers were hoping to go down yesterday, but the water was still moving too fast. they'll keep testing each day to see if its safe. authorities won't release the name of who's inside until they get the car out and can make a positive i-d. 3 childhood poverty is enormous problem with a lot of contributing factors. last night - local 12 hosted a town hall to discuss the topic. this is video from the town hall.six panelists fielded questions from the audience. they also responded to questions on social media. the panel covered a number of topics - including how a lack of good public transit impacts poverty, the importance of education, mentoring and access to food. 3 yvette simpson: "this is a very deeply personal issue for me and one i don't think we can talk enough about. i hope that the talking leads to a lot of real action. in part because there are a alot of
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in poverty." peter block: "the corporate community is very generous. it's just they get very frustrated because the dollars aren't really making a difference. and i think if you could create the kind of support for the entrepreneurial spirit, the notion of training them for jobs, the jobs are gone." another topic of discussion: the amount of money spent on childhood poverty initiatives. according to the house ways and means committee staffers: that number is one trillion dollars annually. 3 cincinnati city council members weigh in on the newest fight over the streetcar in the coming days.a proposed ordinance would ask sorta to halt the streetcar during certain big downtown events -- including the taste of cincinnati, oktoberfest, the opening day parade and the flying pig marathon.some would like to see the streetcar still operate on the parts of the line not involved in the events.others say certain downtown events should be relocated once the streetcar begins operations this fall. 3 five new cheetah cubs are settling in at the cincinnati zoo, after being delivered by
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once the births were deemed high risk, veterinarians had to perform the emergency procedure to protect the premature cubs and their mother.the three males and two females are getting round- the- clock care and bottle- feeding, and so far everyone is doing well. 3 voters in idaho, arizona and utah head to the polls today.. to decide who should be their party's presidential nominee. we'll hear from candidates who are hitting the campaign trail
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3 3 today is "national sing out day!"so we want to know -- what's your favorite song to sing in the car or shower?
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 a real life "house of cards" moment.we'll tell you why an indiana politician is handing
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3 3 we're tracking a breaking news alert in belgium right news is now saying that at least one suicide bomber is responsible for explosions that rocked the main airport terminal in least 13 people are dead and 35 are injured..the 2 blasts were near the american airlines check in desk near the departure gate.there were also explosions at belgium metro stations.metro is shut down.. along with buses and trams in brussels.. and all flights into brussels are being diverted right now...yesterday authorities said a new suspect in the november paris terror attacks -- possibly the bomb maker -- was likely loose in
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not to go out and stay where they are.. we'll keep you updated here on local 12 and local 12 dot com. 3 a new cbs news - new york times poll shows most americans believe hillary clinton and donald trump will face each other in the general election. but more than half have an unfavorable opinion of the frontrunners. clinton and trump -- along with the other gop candidates -- gave foreign policy speeches before the largest pro-israel political action group yesterday. they're seeking support from an influential block of voters. 3 donald trump / r-presidential candidate (:12) we will send a clear symbol that there is is no daylight between america and our most reliable ally, israel. (:23) hillary clinton / d-presidential candidate (;47) we need steady hands. not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything's negotiable. (:59)
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presidential candidate.. but speaking before the group has long been considered a must for anyone seeking the white primaries will be held in in arizona and utah. voters in idaho caucus for democratic candidates. 3 the top elections leader in the bluegrass state backs an early voting law.kentucky secretary of state alison lundergan grimes says she hopes the state senate will approve an early voting law passed by the house.the bill would create 12 days of early voting before each election. ohio's early voting is 35 days before the election. 3 after facing calls to resign, michigan's governor laid out his plans to make the city of flint better, and its toxic water drinkable.rick snyder addressed an economic club luncheon in grand rapids. that's where he outlined his 75- point plan to fix the city of flint's lead-tainted drinking water.the plan includes a pilot project to replace 30 known lead water lines in the city. (gov. rick snyder (r) michigan) (:41) "the mayor has
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supportive of. the 30 lines was part of that engineering study. that's the part underway today and as we learn from that, the goal should be to get the lead service lines out. i've also said that. it clearly involves more sampling, better sampling, better standards." (:59) the governor still failed to say exactly how the projects would be financed, managed or implemented. 3 some people are truly married to their best friends.that's the case for a mayor in indiana.woodburn's mayor joe kelsey is leaving town for a month to further his military experience.and his absence requires him to choose someone to run the town while he's gone.he's picked his wife, monica.mayor kelsey says he got it all checked out with the city's legal and he has no doubts about his decision.although.. there are a lot of questions from the public.. and the small town of woodburn is talking about her experience.mayor kelsey believes his wife will understand him more once she's in his shoes, which will make them closer. 3
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3 3 a real life winnie the pooh. coming up at six.. we'll introduce you to a woman with
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a talented painting pooch. we'll introduce you to an artistic pup who is putting
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breaking now at 6:00, explosion at belgium, why everybody is being told to stay where they are. she had a lot of goodness. remembering a student who
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the community is coping with the death of sadie stewart. when drivers can go back into the ohio river to try to retrieve a travor and his passengers. bob is off this morning. it's going to be cool this morning. >> we are going to see some sun. >> despite the chilly start with warm up quickly into the afternoon. a windchill of 31 degrees, it's a cold kind of morning, but by later today you won't need it. that's one of the coldest spots. vevay 29, those are the two coldest spots i could find, harrison and fayetteville in the upper 30s, radar is all clear, we start off with sunshine, a few clouds, 39 at 8:00, we will head to 53 at noon, warmer than it was all day yesterday by the lunch hour and we make it to 63 later today, partly cloudy but windy as well today.


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